Top Tips For Investing In A Volt Surge Power Cord

Buying a volt surge power cord that fits your needs can be tricky particularly if you are not very sure about what to get. The fact that there is a large variety of such products out there, each intended for different types of use, makes it difficult for many people to decide what they want to buy. However, all you need is a minimal understanding of how volt surge protection works, so that you can then decide which one to get for your needs. Some of the tips that will help you pick the best include:

Not all of them will be built the same

volt surge power cord

Before going out shopping for a volt surge power cord, the first thing that should be on your mind is that not all of them are the same. There are some cheap knockoffs that may not offer any real protection for your devices, and there are some pretty expensive ones that may offer a lot more than you actually need. When going shopping, the goal should be to buy a volt surge power cord that has the best of both worlds in terms of protection and cost. It should offer the level of protection you need, without being ridiculously expensive at the same time.

The most important measure of surge protection

If you are looking for an objective measure of how much protection the volt surge power cord can give, you should use he joule rating. This is the amount of energy the device can take without becoming damaged, and at the same time protecting the equipment you have connected to it. For instance, if you have a 1,000 joule volt surge cord, a power spike that generates 900 joules of energy will be safely handled by the volt surge power cord.

The amount of energy needed by the connected devices will be transmitted to the devices, with the extra being directed to grounding. However, if the volt surge cord has a rating of 500 joules, a 900 joule spike will damage the cord, though the electronics will still be protected. This means that if this happens, you will need to either get a new cord or risk connecting the devices directly to the outlet.

You may not need a power conditioner

Some volt surge power cords will have extra features that drive up the cost, such as power conditioning. Basically, this is a system that filters the power, getting rid of any irregularities and noise before delivering the power to the connected devices. However, the vast majority of devices manufactured in the past few years have such technology incorporated in them. The only time you should consider getting a volt surge power cord with power conditioning is when you are travelling to an area with notoriously unreliable and unstable power. Otherwise, it may not be worth the extra cost.

The USB ports have different power ratings

When getting a volt surge power cord that has USB ports, remember that there are different amounts of power they can generate. Most USB ports generate either 1 or 2 amps of power. If you are going to use your cord to charge a phone, the 1 amp outlets will be sufficient. However, for more demanding hardware such as tablets and high end cellphones, it is wiser to get a 2 Amp USB port to ensure faster charging. This also means that you will need to check this rating when you are considering buying a specific volt surge power cord.

As long as you know what you are looking for, it’s easy for you to end up with a perfect volt surge power cord without having to spend too much for it. Using the above technical information will help you achieve this.


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